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We want to love and protect our children. How often have you seen your child in a turmoil of difficult emotions and felt powerless to help, lacking the language or techniques to support them. As parents, we teach our children how to be, and the best way to teach is through example. When we understand that we are not our emotions and thoughts, we can avoid projecting them onto our children. In our own childhoods, there were experiences and emotions that we were never taught to process so instead we learnt to suppress them. This is our wounded inner child and if we are to be the best example, we need to heal first. In learning to sit with our own uncomfortable feelings, we can give our children permission to process theirs. 

Through the Mood Munchers, we defocus on the rights or wrongs of the situation and focus instead on how to manage the feelings that the situation has triggered within. The Mood Munchers were created for children and parents, to enable you to recognise, accept and process difficult emotions by personifying each emotion as a character who comes to visit. In teaching our children that all emotions are OK, we can let go of our narratives about feelings, heal ourselves and show up to allow our children to be loving and accepting towards themselves. The Mood Munchers are a series of books and toys that can be used to help you and your child explore all feelings in a playful way so children grow in confidence even in the face of difficult emotions. There is a companion book written to support parents in understanding emotions as you help your child process their feelings.

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