About The Mood Munchers


Amanda Hill Ryall


I am a mother, a teacher, a Conscious Parenting coach, a bestselling author and the creator of The Mood Munchers. 

Having lived with anxiety and depression, my passion is to promote emotional and mental wellbeing as these are the foundations of a happy life.  

I am committed to helping families, children and teachers to understand the importance of accepting all emotions - yes, even the ‘ugly’ ones – so that we can experience them without attachment and thus to be free to be who we truly are.  

Growing up, so-called negative emotions were not allowed and as a result I repressed and supressed feelings such as fear, sadness and anger. Just like everyone, my own journey has had its highs and lows but now I can allow my emotions just to be, as I finally understand that I am not my thoughts or my emotions.  

The Mood Munchers were created as a tool to help change the way we view emotions and thoughts. I envisage a world where children can be with all emotions, knowing they are just visitors. As a parent and teacher, learning to accept my own difficult emotions has allowed me to be an example to the children that there are no good or bad feelings; they are all OK. 

What I offer

Child with his mother & toy


Teachers guide students with The Mood Munchers toy


Children playing with The Mood Munchers Toys